Claymont, DE

If you’re on a quest to find Claymont apartments for rent, we’ve got the listings to get you going.

This historic community just a hop-skip from Wilmington, but it’s also within commuting distance of Philadelphia—so Claymont is a great choice if you want to have easy access to a city, but live in a more rural area. It’s smack-dab in what’s known as the tri-state area where Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania meet. If you want an affordable apartment, check out our listings in your price range. Then again, if money isn’t a consideration, we’ve got more luxurious Claymont apartment rentals to suit your tastes. Tennis, anyone? You can find an apartment with tennis courts either on-site or nearby. How about a pool, Jacuzzi and a workout room? We’ve got apartments for rent with those amenities, too.

With great photos, details and location maps, we’ve got the listings to help you figures the right apartment for your lifestyle, whether you’re a busy professional, a student or a retiree looking for a safe, quiet place to relax. No matter what your lifestyle, our listings have the complete lowdown to get you moved into a great apartment with all the amenities you need. Just type in your search criteria and see what’s available in your price range.

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